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Registration Day (Sekolah KITA III)


Alternative Education Centre Cinta Syria Malaysia also known as SekolahKita 3 is an education centre to help Syrian people living in Malaysia.

Located at Bandar Puteri Bangi, our school can accommodate 100 students at a time. We use International General Certificate for Secondary Education (IGCSE) as our syllabus.

We are open for:
1. Kindergarten (5 and 6 years old)
2. Lower primary (Grade 1 to Grade 3)
3. Upper primary (Grade 4 to Grade 6)
4. Lower secondary (Grade 7 to Grade 9)

Language Mastery
Students will received solid foundation in both spoken and written skills with our enhanced languages programmes:
1. IGCSE Cambridge English as Second Language.
2. IGCSE Cambridge Malay as Second Language.
3. Arabic Language using Syrian syllabus.

Document need to be prepared
1. Copy of passport (parents passport & student passport)
2. Copy of Mahar or UNHCR card
3. Student picture
4. Student’s birth certificate
5. Academic certificate & achievement
6. RM100 for registration
7. Do mention us if your children have a medical issue, and please do provide us any related documents.

In case you’re interested, you need to fill the form below before completing the registration at the school.

Thank you.

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